LIVE: NDAA Mark-up Updates and Highlights
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Today, June 28, the House Armed Services Committee did the markup of the National Defense Authorization Act, here are some highlights. 

***This page will be updated live as more votes become official***

 Tactical Air and Land Forces

1.     #1 En Bloc – (Steve Knight Amendment Included)

a.     (Priority #49) AFTC Assessment DRL (Leader McCarthy’s Request)

                                                             i.      Subcommittee: Tactical Air and Land Forces

                                                           ii.      Background:  The Air Force is currently facing a backlog of modernization of its test and evaluation structure and equipment, especially as new programs like hypersonics capabilities come online and require more robust testing capabilities.

                                                        iii.      Request: Include report language that requires the SecAF to report on how she will address funding challenges, infrastructure and equipment improvements, and workforce recruitment and retention for AF modernization programs.

b.    Passed by Voice


Seapower and Projection Forces

2.     Norcross Amendment – In section 116, strike “two covered destroyers include” and insert “one covered destroyer” with AMDR Radar system.

a.     Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR)[1] 

                                                             i.      Everyone agrees that this is a program that we need.

b.    Proponent: It doesn’t prohibit additional destroyers to have AMDR it’s more about the current discussion on cost between the Navy and General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.

c.      In the future this will be on all the DDGs[2].

d.    Kelly—LoBiondo[3] has an en bloc amendment that creates more flexibility for the SecNav to make the best decision for the Navy.

e.      Amendment NOT agreed to.

1.     Garamendi Amendment—Amendment that the Navy Ship Account will not be used for ice breakers but rather the Sealift Fund for the ice breakers.

a.     They will have to find the money in the account but that will be part of appropriations.

b.     Russia has 40 (Hunter says 45) ice breakers and a deep water port.

c.      This will help us gain access to the arctic.

d.     Amendment withdrawn.

1.     Garamendi Amendment—Amendment to exempt the ice breakers from the “Buy America” provision.

a.     The “Buy America” provision doesn’t include components like propulsion systems.

b.     It’s not to eliminate the Buy America engines in the US but go back to the provisions that the Navy and CG uses that include cost, availability and timeliness.

                                                             i.      They can waive this Buy America provision if it affects any of these.

                                                           ii.      That’s why the ice breakers should be included in the exemption because of the demand and readiness issue.

c.      Amendment is agreed.



1.     #3 En Bloc—Knight Amendment

a.     NASA Armstrong F-18s (Boeing)

                                                             i.      Subcommittee: Readiness

                                                           ii.      Background:  NASA gets a call for high speed chase support from the Air Force roughly every two weeks, which adds up several dozen times a year.  The F/A-18F has the right mold lines and centerline/wing station systems to meet the test mission requirements.

                                                        iii.      Request [Report Language]: At least four high-performance aircraft required to ensure two are available at all times transferred to NASA Armstrong

b.    Passed by voice vote.

2.     Langevin Amendment—Climate Change and Readiness

a.     DoD is to provide a report that incorporates a national security strategy as it relates to climate change. 

b.     This amendment will give a clearer picture of the climate challenges the military will face.

c.      Amendment passed by voice vote.


 Military Personnel-Currently being discussed

1.     Speier Amendment 1-Include all citizens in Selective Service System

a.     Include all citizens, including women, in the Selective Service System. If this amendment becomes law, women between the ages of 18 and 25 will be obligated to register with Selective Service, making them eligible for a potential draft.

b.    Amendment failed via voice vote

2.     Speier Amendment 2- expand Tricare coverage

a.     Request-expands Tricare coverage to include a wider range of contraceptives for service members, independent of whether service members are on or off base.

b.    Amendment failed via voice vote

3.     Speier Amendment 3-modify the UCMJ-Sexual Assault

a.     Request- designates a DOD board to review and determine if investigations are to be opened for sexual assault cases, taking this authority away from commanding officers.

b.    Amendment failed via voice vote

4.     Speier Amendment 4-modify the UCMJ-Random Jurors

a.     Request- requires the random selection of juries during court martial procedures rather than on a qualifications basis.

b.    Amendment failed via voice vote

[1] The AMDR will replace SPY-1D radars on new Aegis warships beginning with DDG 127, a yet-to-be-named Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to be ordered from General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.

[2] Guided Missile Destroyers - DDG

[3] 271r1 Allows the SecNav to waive the limitation of funds for the DDG-51, if the SecNav determines that the cost or schedule risk associated with the integration of the new air and missile defense radar is unacceptable  or incongruous with a business case. 

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