One of the purposes of this website is to help you find and connect with available resources and information. You can browse resources based on your area of interest as a parent, student or veteran, for example.

Businesses and Consumers

Online resources for businesses, especially small businesses, and consumers.

Grant Applicants

Resources for people seeking information on or assistance applying for Federal Grants.

Job Seekers

Resources for People Seeking Employment.

Legislative Resources

Online resources related to the Legislative Process: Congressional Votes, Hearings, Rules, Reports and Schedules, as well as links to general information on Congress and How Laws are Made.

Military and Veterans

Links of assistance or interest to military personnel and veterans.

Press and News Media

Resources for members of the media seeking a Press Kit, Press Contact, or more information about the Representative.

Senior Citizens

Informational links and resources for Senior Citizens.

Students and Parents

Online resources for use by Students, Parents and Teachers.

Washington, DC Visitors

Links to cultural, educational, and fun attractions in Washington, DC.