National Security

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Our nation’s military is a stabilizing force and necessary for ensuring continued global peace. However, this security is increasingly jeopardized and could be seized entirely if Congress and the Administration fail to work together to strengthen and modernize our forces. In a world with increasing aggression from Iran, China, and Russia, we as a nation must continue investing in American military dominance – future generations depend on it.

Our men and women in uniform are the backbone of our military but, they are currently using outdated and sometimes unreliable equipment, depend on vehicles, aircraft, and vessels that are far past their expected lifespans, and deploy without the training and maintenance time needed to remain mission-ready. That is why my colleagues and I in the House Armed Services Committee passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which approves a top-line spending amount of $692 billion. This number is consistent with, if not below, the Department of Defense’s past reported requirements to fund war-time operations, system acquisitions and modernization, capability enhancements to compete with near-peer adversaries, and increased pay and benefits for troops and their families.

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