Energy & Environment

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It is in our best economic and national security interest for America to be energy independent. To achieve this, I support an “all of the above” approach, which means investing in promising new technologies such as nuclear and biofuels, developing renewable sources like solar and wind, and utilizing traditional sources like oil and gas. Economic vitality and environmental protection do not have to be mutually exclusive goals. That is why I am honored to work across the aisle in order to pass legislation designed to help our environment, our economy, and create more jobs for Americans.

By further developing our energy infrastructure, we will not only create more well-paying jobs to support our communities, but we will help lower our national demand for energy through innovation designed to improve American energy efficiency and affordability, an issue critical to small businesses and people of lower incomes.

At the same time, it is important that we maintain proper environmental protections so that we preserve our many natural wonders for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. I have sponsored and cosponsored multiple pieces of legislation to protect our most important environmental assets.
Related Legislation and Actions:
The BEST Act
Department of Energy Research Infrastructure Act of 2018
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