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I am a firm believer in a patient-centered health policy that provides individuals with competitive choices while also protecting those with preexisting medical conditions from having their rights denied, which is why I introduced the Maintaining Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions Act. Both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge that the status quo is not working for millions of Americans right now. It is important for us to be able to provide a healthcare system that is affordable, with a low monthly premium, and one that is accessible to all Americans who are in need of health care. Protecting those using Medicare and Medicaid is imperative, and as your Representative in Congress, I am proud to support legislation towards reshaping the health care system in the United States. We have an obligation to support robust health programs for those who need them, and we must progress towards action that will ensure that patients have access to care that they need.

Encouraging innovation in pharmaceuticals, hospital and clinic policies, and different types of treatment for life-threatening diseases is imperative. This is why I believe in modernizing the FDA’s approval process so they may speed the pathway for producing newer and cheaper lifesaving drugs. It is also important that we support the families, their doctors, and the foundations that provide financial and emotional relief to those struggling with the tremendous burdens of disease treatment and rehabilitation.

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