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Since its creation, Medicare has served a vital role in helping millions of seniors and disabled individuals pay for their medical expenses. Today, over 55 million Americans are guaranteed access to health insurance coverage through Medicare.

Unfortunately, demographic shifts and rising costs are driving Medicare toward insolvency. This year's Medicare trustees report says the program will experience significant shortfalls by 2029, threatening the benefits of all who depend on the program. Without changes to the current law, the gap between physician costs and physician payments will widen throughout the 2020s and 2030s and threaten the program’s fundamental promise of health security. There is no more important time than now to strengthen the system and protect its promise for current and future beneficiaries.

Those who are in or near retirement should not have to experience any changes in their Medicare so they don’t have to restructure their future plans based on the current layout. All Medicare beneficiaries’ should have access to a competitive Medicare Exchange, where beneficiaries would have a broader pool of options, along with the traditional fee-for-service Medicare program, to choose from. Medicare should provide premium support that either pays for or subsidizes the cost of the policy chosen by the beneficiary, depending on its cost. It is also critical that patients should be entitled the right to representation in court when injured by medical malpractice.

We must not let politics get in the way of protecting the health security of our seniors who have worked hard and given so much to our nation. As your Representative, I will continue to work to strengthen Medicare to ensure its long-term sustainability and preserve its guarantee.
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