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Knight Introduces Resolution To Support 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Bid
September 13, 2017
A measure championed by Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) and Rep. Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) in support of bringing the Olympics back to Los Angeles in 2028 was introduced on the House floor Wednesday. "Not only is hosting the Olympics a great opportunity for the United States to show international unity, but having the games in Los Angeles grants the city and surrounding communities an opportunity to showcase our unique culture and diverse offerings,” said Knight. Knight’s resolution, H. Res 516, i... More
Press Releases
Knight CDBG Funding Amendment Passes Unanimously
September 7, 2017
Last night, Rep. Steve Knight’s amendment to the appropriations bill increasing funding for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) passed the house with a unanimous, bipartisan voice vote and is now officially added to the full appropriations bill for FY18. Appropriations bills are used to fund all federal programs and are passed annually. “Community Development Block Grants have been a tremendous asset to states and local governments across the country that are looking for extra assistance k... More
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Rep. Knight Statement on Charlottesville, VA
August 15, 2017
Below is a statement by Rep. Steve Knight regarding the recent events in Charlottesville, VA. "Racism and hate have no place in our country. Period. Neo nazis, white supremacists, KKK, and others alike speak and act only of hate and should never be defended." More
Speeches and Foor Statements
Rep. Knight Statement On Olympic Games In Los Angeles 2028 
August 1, 2017
Yesterday, the City of Los Angeles announced it had come to deal with the International Olympic Committee to be the hosts of the 2028 Olympic Games. Below is a statement from Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25) regarding the announcement. "Having the Olympic Games return to Los Angeles in 2028 will be a great honor for our community," said Rep. Knight. "These games are a tradition of international unity and competition. They will bring business and opportunity to our area. I look forward to welcoming athl... More
Press Releases
House Passes Knight’s SECRET Act
July 26, 2017
Today, legislation introduced by Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) the Securely Expediting Clearances through Reporting Transparency (SECRET) Act, H.R. 3210, passed the House with a unanimous, bipartisan vote. “Too many of our skilled workers are being set aside by government agencies in other jobs because of these backlogs that affect their ability to work,” Said Rep. Steve Knight. “We should not be punishing those who are skilled and willingly choosing to serve their country in national secu... More
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