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National Defense Authorization Act Passes House

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Washington, DC, July 14, 2017 | comments
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the House in a 344-81 vote. The bill authorizes programs for FY2018 to the Department of Defense technological advancements.

“After years of cuts to our Defense programs, this bill provides our armed services with resources and advancements they have needed for a long time,” said Rep. Steve Knight. “The National Defense Authorization Act guarantees our soldiers are taken care of and have the best, most up to date equipment while expanding access to advanced training.”

The NDAA includes authorizations for aircraft, weapons, missiles, space procurement, and many other special projects. It funds research and development projects that will expand innovation and operations. The full bill tackles three main components of readiness, expanding resources, and reforming defense procedures and programs. The bill also ensures the 2.4% pay raise for all personnel, the largest in 8 years, and purchases 878 F-35 aircraft, which includes aircraft from the services unfunded priority list.. 

“Passage of the NDAA is important to our protection and sets a standard our service members deserve,” said Rep. Knight. “This bill commits to a 2.4% increase in service member pay, which is the largest pay raise in 8 years, and adds more funding towards their safety and training standards. We can now be more confident as a nation, knowing our armed services have all of the resources they need, with opportunities for advancements to deter aggression and assure allies.”

Knight’s Women’s Business Centers Improvements Act of 2017, H.R. 1680, was included in the authorization. This bill clarifies the qualifications of designated Women’s Business Centers and gives them the ability to expand the programs.

“Legislation I authored, the Women’s Business Centers Improvement Act of 2017, is a much needed addition to the advancement of businesses and innovation across the country. This bill will support our women entrepreneurs and the business communities they serve. I am proud of the support we have received, on a bipartisan level, for this very important piece of legislation and the historical influence on defense from the Santa Clarita, Antelope, and Simi Valleys. I look forward to its passage in the Senate.”
said Knight.
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