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Knight applauds key provisions of NDAA

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Washington, DC, November 9, 2017 | Chris Jusuf (202-225-1956) | comments
(WASHINGTON, DC) -  The Conference Committee for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) released the Joint Explanatory Statement on the annual defense policy bill for Fiscal Year 2018. Included in the report are several key provisions successfully advocated for by Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) as a core-conferee. Included among these measures are:

1) A 2.4% pay raise for all military personnel, the largest pay raise in years.

2) Full funding for the modernization of the bomber fleet and support for the development of the advanced stealth B-21 Raider program.

3) Additional resources to fund programs like the recapitalization of the Air Control Tower at USAF's Plant 42 in Palmdale.

4) A strengthened missile defense budget to fund additional Ground-Based Interceptors to address increasing threats from rogue states developing ballistic missile technology.

5) Reforms for the military acquisition process to increase efficiency, swiftness, and accountability to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

6) Funding to procure 90 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft to deliver next-generation air power to commanders and forces.

"After years of politicization and neglect, this year's NDAA will deliver to our troops the resources and benefits they rightly deserved," said Rep. Knight. "The world is a safer place when the United States military is strong. This bill takes concrete steps towards securing American supremacy for decades into the future. I am incredibly proud of the bipartisan and bicameral effort put into creation of this bill. As a core-conferee, it was an honor to play a key role in its final formation. I want to thank the Chairmen, Ranking Members, and Staff of both Armed Services Committees for their continued dedication to our military and the United States."

"Many of the most advanced pieces of military hardware that are authorized in this bill are produced right here in California's 25th District. I am grateful for the opportunity to advocate on behalf of a community that does so much for our national defense."

The Conference Report was released on November 9, 2017 and authorizes a top-line funding level of $699.9 billion for the Department of Defense. The full report can be read HERE.
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