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Knight Meets With Eastern European Allies

Congressman Returns From Week-Long Fact Finding Missions With Members Of The House Armed Services Committee

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Washington, DC, April 8, 2015 | comments

Rep. Steve Knight (CA-25) returned to California late last week after traveling to several countries in Eastern Europe on Congressional business.  

The Congressman departed Washington, DC on Thursday, March 26 on a week-long tour with four members of the House Armed Services Committee including the Chairman, Rep. Mac Thornberry. The delegation traveled to Latvia, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine—many of which are members of the North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) and are currently affected by ongoing Russian military aggression. The purpose of the trip was to meet with leaders in the region to discuss United States’ role and to show support for the allies there. 

“The experience was extremely enlightening. It is important that the United States preserves strong relationships with its allies and maintains an active presence in Eastern Europe, especially given the current crisis in Ukraine,” said Congressman Knight. 

The delegation visited several significant sites, including the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Poland and the Holodomor Monument which is a memorial for the Soviet genocide that occurred in Ukraine in 1932. Additionally, Congressman Knight met with Californian service members at the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airbase in Romania, to discuss the current situation in Eastern Europe from a “boots on the ground” perspective.

“As an Army veteran who was stationed in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, it was an honor to take part in this mission,” said Knight. “I look forward to using the information we gathered to strengthen our strategy in the region moving forward.”

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